No matter what is your taste or preference, you can be sure to find some creative ideas. For starters, this living area is decorated in modern, contemporary style for a place with little space.

The built in TV saves space, and the rug on the floor adds some style and character to the room. The colour palette of the first option follows just one colour: cream and its shades of light brown. By mixing different shades of one colour, the designer has created a flow in the room.

The second option is done in a more minimalistic design, with very close resemblance to Scandinavian style with some industrial touch. The brick like TV wall is an excellent touch, but what ties everything together is the wooden like rug on the floor.

The last option is a western modern style living room with an open concept kitchen into it. The built in TV and cabinet look sleek and beautiful. The bar on the kitchen counter top provides perfect place for chat.