Kitchen Design Ideas For HDB & Condo

Kitchen Design Ideas For HDB & Condo

Living in a HDB flat doesn’t mean you cannot have the glamorous kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. If you think you lack the space, think again. The following kitchen islands are very easy to integrate into your HDB flat, and we have options for everyone.

Want a classy, elegant and minimalistic kitchen? This kitchen creates the illusion of large and spacious space due to the white color that is used for every element inside. Nothing pops out of it, but you can cook in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

If you want a touch of a more traditional kitchen, you are in the right place. The wood as a material is a reminiscence of that old rustic kitchen where your grandma used to cook. However, this is not your everyday rustic kitchen, as everything else is new, modern and classy.

For the industrial look and modern feel, you get a counter where you can serve the food to your friends, or have a glass of wine while talking about the latest Ryan Gosling movie or any other type of gossip.

And for the fans of the avangarde, the red color just pops out of the kitchen. There is absolutely no way anyone will not notice your kitchen. And according to feng shui principles, red is the color of energy and passion.

Is this your preferred kitchen design? If so, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with our Design Consultant today or visit our showroom this weekend!