12 Cute Kids Room Design Inspirations 2

12 Cute Kids Room Design Inspirations 2

We present some more kids room design inspirations from the VEGAS Interior Design. These rooms look charming and comfortable. Each and every object in the kids room reflect love and affection of the parents for their kids. Lots of wonderful ideas are featured here suitable for your little prince and princess.

The first design is dainty and fit for a little girl who loves pink and flowers. Having graphic prints on the wall adds texture and playfulness to the room.

The use of a chandelier for the lighting gives the room a sophisticated and playful appeal at the same time makes the room fit for a dainty girl. Large picture windows give the room its charm and the use of colorful bedsheets add the effect that is normally found in a child’s room.

Designed for a kid who loves race cars, the room and its interiors are in bright red. Even the bed is shaped like a race car to enhance the theme of the bedroom. While the use of red for home interiors and doors is most of the time frowned upon, it worked quite well for this child’s bedroom which adhered to the theme perfectly.

The cute Pokemon themed bedroom is a child’s dream. By adding other Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, the bedroom came to life. The platform where the beds are located gave the added depth to the room and space was maximized in the process.

If your little girl loves pink, this can be the perfect room for her. So as not to overwhelm the bedroom with just one color, the designer matched pink with white, coming up with an elegant girl’s room in the process. By using a round platform for the bed, the area looked chic and modern and can still be used by a teenager.

From another angle, the room looks simple yet very elegant. The headboard is made of soft cushion that goes up to the ceiling creating depth in the bedroom. While pink is the obvious favorite, it was toned down by the pairing of white.

Sometimes all you need are cute graphics and colorful patterns to make a kid’s room come to life. There is a whimsical and quirky feel to the room the moment you enter.

To make sure that a kid’s bedroom is still organized, you can separate the playroom by a sliding wooden door. Use of materials that are child-friendly and non-toxic are the best ones especially if your child is still in the toddler years.

This all-pink girly room is a space saver. By having storage solutions under the bed, stuff can be kept neat and clean. Shelves and cabinets are important in a kids room because they tend to have a lot of things. This is exactly what the designer added in the room, thereby maximizing space and storage solutions in the whole process.

A child’s room may be simple but by adding graphic elements in the furnishings and Mickey and Minnie, the room instantly brightened up.

From another angle of the bedroom, pops of red in the shelves and cabinets and the wall highlighted the area. To tone down the brightness of the red color, creams and whites were combined .

A ceiling platform and a mirror created depth in the room and the wooden flooring gave it a simple and elegant finish.