How to Create a Resort Home in the City

How to Create a Resort Home in the City


Everyone wishes to have a house they can come home to where they can relax and just be themselves. There are a few homeowners though who dream of owning a flat that pretty much resembles the look of a resort. Incorporating an urban resort theme to an apartment is not common but easily achievable.

The use of only the basic furniture resembling a minimalist home, add a touch of color and texture, and you get a resort flat right in the city. The living area features a brick and wood wall that brightens up the room in an instant. A colored rug exudes the character and the large windows lets the sunlight bathe the room all day.


The white walls of the dining area complemented the brick wall and gave the whole area the texture that would be missing if the walls were in another color. The ceiling adds the depth that is very much needed in a small apartment such as this.


The yellow doors to the side of the brick wall gives life to the whole apartment. There is a sense of brightness and playfulness that is commonly associated with a resort apartment. Because of the yellow doors, the hallway leading up to those rooms looked larger and more pristine because it mingled well with the white flooring.


The designer used colorful dining chairs to make the small portion of space pop out because the dining area was placed against a white wall. The splash of color brightened up the whole space surrounding it as well.


The cabinet at the back of the dining space, is simple and understated in black. The painting of birds on it however made it look whimsical and cute, similar to how one would feel when in a resort.


The work and study area is minimalistic in approach. Only the essentials are present – – a chair, a desk and cabinets. By installing the desk near the window, the owner is able to save on electricity by utilizing the light from the sun.