Home So Beautiful You’ll Never Believe This is HDB 3-Room Flat

Home So Beautiful You’ll Never Believe This is HDB 3-Room Flat


Need more space? See how the designer manage to transform this HDB 3-room flat into a spacious and beautiful home. If you look a little bit close, you will notice some interesting design ideas that you can also incorporate in your homes, as well.


This spot which is the entertainment area actually leads to one of the bedrooms. With it’s invisible door, it is a great idea for those who want their own privacy.


A view of the hidden area when the door is open.


This area, although it does not have secret compartments, it has a beautiful area with a potted plant area. It also has more than enough counter space for beautiful decorations.


Another view of the kitchen.


Sometimes beds can take up a lot of space but this creative way is a great effort to utilize as much space as possible.


By being able to store your bed at any time with ease, you are giving yourself more room to move around and do thing.