HDB Trendy Cozy Design

HDB Trendy Cozy Design

Wish to have a cozy & relaxing cafe ambiance in your dream house? Hoping to have some self DIY display corner?
Trendy, cozy yet not too complicated design style? Alright, we heard your needs. Here are some 3D perspective designs that we have proposed. Maybe you will like it.

This living room is washed in white. It is dreamy, classy and inviting. A simple grey wall is dressed up in beautiful framed pieces of art. The feature wall here is the painted white exposed brick wall. It holds the TV and has a built-in console, again in white.

The feature wall also makes the perfect back drop for a couple of framed art pieces stylishly resting against it on the floor, which is also white. More white – a plush rug, a comfortable couch and a low coffee table. But all the white is subtly accentuated with colour and texture.

The dining area features a trendy and stylish chalkboard wall, which is such a popular trend these days. The wall also has floating shelves and cabinets that offer functional storage.

The kitchen is compact, yet trendy and functional. The cabinets have a natural birch finish and complement beautifully with white countertops. Slide-out tables are a clever design feature which add more functionality.