ec vision neutral colors contemporary dining area
Modern contemporary designs are the easiest to pull off, as long as you have the right materials to make up the foundation, and of course, the complementing furnishings and home decor to complete the whole look. Remember, you can achieve the look without having to go for pricey decor.

The space for the dining area may be small, but it is pretty in every way. The choice of lighting even the table setting make the space pop up on its own. The chairs and dining table is in sync with the sofa and coffee table in the living area. The hanging lights are quirky in design but perfect in every way to make the small space look larger.

ec vision neutral colors contemporary living area

The living room is classic in look and exudes a subtle elegance to it. The accent wall where the TV is attached looks sleek and streamlined due to the artistic carpentry. The large sofa and the complete the whole space. The decors are simple yet they make the living area chic and stylish at the same time.

ec vision neutral colors contemporary kitchen

The kitchen epitomizes all things sleek and elegant. The use of an L-shaped kitchen work station makes it easier for the cook to to move around without having to be hassled about the lack of space. It is simple but classy which are hard to achieve together. The wood-paneled cabinets make the kitchen look cleaner and even more inviting to any onlooker. The focus lighting provides the dramatic touch.

ec vision neutral colors contemporary master bedroom

The bedroom stuck to the color scheme and a full floor to ceiling wardrobe cabinet was also installed to maximize the space. With sliding doors, the cabinet looks fully integrated into the interiors. The large bed that filled up most of the room created the illusion of a bigger bedroom. The thick drapes behind the bed adds to the luxurious feeling in the whole room.