HDB Sleek and Simple with Neutral Colors

HDB Sleek and Simple with Neutral Colors

By using neutral colors, the designer has made this apartment neat and warm in the same time.

What makes this apartment compact and cozy is the removal of walls. While the designer has removed some of the walls, such as the one between the living area and the small bedroom, the privacy is still there.

The designer has achieved that by installing sliding doors, an element from Japanese style that has been adjusted to fit the modern style.

In the kitchen, we see an influence from western culture, as the dining table is more of a bar stool than a table. The designer achieves a great contrast in the kitchen in an unusual way.

While the elements are white, the appliances are black. The classic black and white combination always looks good, but it is nice to see thinking outside of the box from time to time.

On the road to the master bedroom, you are greeted with several mirrors and other glass elements. Once you enter the bedroom, you notice another significant change from the traditional bedrooms.

The floor is done in tiles. While tiles have entered interior design and are more frequently used nowadays in the living room, the bedroom was still a room without experiments. But we see tiles can work in a bedroom setting as well.