HDB Scandinavian & Modern Victorian @ Blk 326 Anchorvale

HDB Scandinavian & Modern Victorian @ Blk 326 Anchorvale

Mixing a modern and Scandinavian interior style with a Victorian interior is something that few can pull off.

The risk is that some people throw in bunch of cast-offs from their grandparents into a modern design home and expect perfection.

Let’s look at the examples. In the living room, you have clean, neat elements, mostly modern, but then you have the television cabinet fitted nicely and elegantly.

The cabinet is clearly the retro, Victorian element, while everything else is modern. The dining table is another element that looks like it has come from the house of your grandparents. The trick is to mix styles but in a well thought out way, not throwing and mixing things together. You sure do not want messy furniture.

But the best part about the apartment and its design is the singled out glass office room. Another perfectly carried out mixture. The parquet is usually reserved for retro designs, but it fits just right in the modern room. And unlike other modern styles, the room is actually crowded with elements, a characteristic of the Victorian style.

Once you get to the living room, you have the Modern Victorian style at its full display with rich colors and romantic atmosphere.