aart boxx raw industrial master bedroom walk in wardrobe

What is unique is that the cement like wall is actually the walk in wardrobe. Serving as a faux wall, the walk in wardrobe also features an island display cabinet.

It is all about industrial theme in the interior, as you will find red bricks stucco wall effect, black pipes, frames, to the cement-like walls in the kitchen and in the bathroom. With some raw wooden touch, the interior gets that rustic warm touch that some homeowners crave for.

aart boxx raw industrial master bedroom walk in wardrobe

aart boxx raw industrial living area

aart boxx raw industrial entertainment area
Starting from the living area, where we see a full display of all industrial elements, such as the stucco wall effect. Raw wooden elements make their way to the carpentry work.

aart boxx raw industrial kitchen aart boxx raw industrial entry area
The foyer area and the kitchen are where the designer adds the signature raw wooden finishing for rustic touch. An open concept kitchen makes the interior look flowing and streamlined.

aart boxx raw industrial master bedroom
The master bedroom is arguably one of the best rooms in the apartment. A rustic wooden bedhead and cement like TV feature wall, the room is the quintessence of the interior d├ęcor.

aart boxx raw industrial master bathroom