Instead of going for the usual full height TV feature walls & TV consoles, storage can be maximized by choosing a TV cabinet. You may either create more open shelves for display purposes, or keep it enclosed for more storage. Choices of colored PVC can be used for open shelves to enhance the overall look of the cabinets.

Project displays a two-storey maisonette in Woodlands street 32, and while walking through this project you’ll see how simple elements can be made to achieve such a well blend.

If you’re worried about the heavy look of the usual sliding doors to part out your balcony, glass may be a good suggestion to you, be it tinted or clear. A full height book shelf was designed for this owner to be next to the TV cabinet, other than creating conveniences for the owner in retriving his reading materials, we also created a hidden finishing for the glass doors to slide back in when not pulled out for use. This saves spaces, and adds a plus point to the visual of your living room.

Household shelters’ area nowadays are too small for use. What we’d achieved for this owner, is to hack off partial space under their staircase to create more storage space, & a proposal of a designed feature wall was fabricated as the entrance of this newly created space. Isn’t this idea splendid?

Most Singaporeans would have altars at home but they find a limitation of walking space within the unit if a full height altar was to be installed. You may consider a suspended altar if you don’t require much storage spaces for offerings.

Cushion settes come with storages, and you may opt out for it too. Speak to us now if you’re keen to find out more about ideas on cushion settees

The idea of open concept kitchens is the new in, having an island counter as a small dining area is also a good proposal. With this proposal, colors proposed are best to be kept at simple or minimal. In this project, you’re able to view how simple classic colors contributed to the wonderful view of this open concept kitchen.

Cozy concepts are most popular among home owners nowadays. With the usage of lines, we’d created a symmetrical view of the bedroom & warm colors are chosen to soften the symmetrical visual, with the thought of preventing the room looking tuneless.

Bathrooms nowadays are smaller in areas, a different theme can be introduced to make it look spacious & comfortable. Dark colored tiles may not result to a surpressed feel of the area, & this bathroom is a very good example.

As grey is the new black. Proper space planning is done for this bedroom, with a storage bed & a low height book shelf. If you’re afraid of full height built-in items, such ideas are wonderful to explore.