HDB Resale Contemporary Design Ideas At Blk 498F Tampines

HDB Resale Contemporary Design Ideas At Blk 498F Tampines


Contemporary homes are typically accompanied by open spaces and hues of white, grey and different shades of brown. This common color scheme, helps achieve a beautiful backdrop for anyone who wishes to create a contemporary themed home. It’s great for homes with small spaces and for those who would prefer minimal maintenance. 


As seen in this photos, the bathroom plays with shades of white, black and grey. The addition of the glass doors opens up the available space and keeps the contemporary design.


The master bedroom plays with more colors and textures, making the room feel more welcoming and perfect to lounging and relaxing.


Artwork is always vital in any home and contemporary pieces can stand alone or can be grouped with other pieces of art but usually have the same color scheme.


Multi purpose kitchens with enough space and are easy to clean are always the main goals in any home.


Another room with a beautiful contemporary piece.


The children’s room.