HDB Resale 5-Room @ Jalan Tenteram

HDB Resale 5-Room @ Jalan Tenteram

In the project, we’d integrated the fish tank together with our carpentry, by not making the fish tank looking out of place. At the same time, storage space is also being maximized at where the fish tank is being placed, so fish lovers, worry not for where are you intending to keep your necessary required items for maintenances.

Having intentions to place a fish tank in your flat but can’t find a trendy way to do so? Here’s a project showing you on how fish tanks blend well together with your remaining furnitures with the aid of carpentry.

Shoe cabinets are mainly preferred enclosed, but we fancy creating conveniences for our clients by having open shelves at the bottom as an option for an easy access for your daily footwear, whereas the rest can be kept enclosed since not worn often. This idea doesn’t lose its practicability, at the same time aiding visuals to the carpentry you own.

Clear mirrors creates a spacious visual for the unit, but a choice of black mirror had been selected for this unit to create a slight tinge of sophisticate illusion. Having fixed glass panels as a box up for the kitchen from the living area can be an idea to further allow the view of the flat to be spacious and not looking cramped.

You don’t require the usage of a huge piece of mirror in order to create a extensive view in your unit. You can consider a second way of doing so, by placing mirrors at the side of your cushion headboard, just like this project. The mirrors lengthen the visual height of your bedroom, making your room looking spacious as compared to its original state, best of all, you don’t have to walk to a particular corner just to see yourself in full view!

Having a TV in the room can be a hassle as well, as you would wish to watch your favorite programmes from anywhere you’re standing in your room but you’re facing limitations in achieving this as it’s mounted to the wall. You may consider having your feature wall done up in this way whereby it’s able to rotate in a 180 degree manner on both sides, and for this you’re able to watch TV from any angle that you prefer, & we mean any.

Having the wall in between two bedrooms hacked, now the master bedroom is allowed to have a walk-in wardrobe. Sliding wardrobes saves the spaces of the room by not requiring to open the doors towards you in order to retrieve your outfit, all you need to do is to give the doors a slight push to the sides and you can easily choose your clothes at one view, worry no more about obstruction of walkways all thanks to opened doors. Sliding wardrobes are most suitable for small bedrooms with barely sufficient walking spaces

Shower screens are more of a need now than a want in bathrooms nowadays, and vanity cabinets come along with it. Having no spaces to place your towels/toliet papers in the bathroom due to space constraint after installation of shower screens? Fret not, create open shelves in your vanity cabinets to create conveniences for yourself.

Many thinks that kitchen area is the most difficult place to decorate for your renovation. See how we beautify this kitchen with just black & white, matching it together with the owner’s personal color preference.