HDB Renovation For $14.7k At Sengkang East Ave

HDB Renovation For $14.7k At Sengkang East Ave

This HDB flat is renovated at a budget cost of $14.7k including the kitchen & shoe cabinet, study room glass panel & sliding door. What is the most significant piece in the apartment is the glass panel with sliding doors in the living area.

The glass panel serves as the de facto study room in this case, but it can also be used for other type of rooms, such as reading corner.

The apartment is designed in modern style, which is best visible by the use of materials for the floor and some of the finishing. Tiles dominate the environment, as they are slowly replacing parquet in the interior design.

We see several marble and granite finishing, especially in the kitchen on the dining room. For the kitchen counter top, however, the designer sticks to wood as one of the best materials. The only downside of wood is maintenance.

The whole apartment looks spacious, even though several rooms have been combined into one large sum. There are no walls, and the free space allows for better flow of air between the rooms.

In the kitchen, we see how well tiles work with high gloss material on the kitchen elements. While there might be challenges for maintenance, MDF high gloss material is arguably the best looking material.