A Sneak Peek Into a Modern HDB Home At Blk 633C Senja Rd

A Sneak Peek Into a Modern HDB Home At Blk 633C Senja Rd

Right from the moment you enter the apartment, you get the feeling that this is not your every day, common apartment. Modern and eclectic in appeal, there is a vibe of luxury and exclusivity that is often associated with the upper class.

And all the designer had to do to achieve that feeling is decorate the space around the TV. Using wood that is painted with geometric shapes, the TV popped out instantly. It became the focal point of the living area that was is simply furnished.

The dining area is placed at one corner of the room. Just by looking at this area, again the designer opted to make it very simple and basic. What made the space stand out and look modernly chic was the TV cabinet which can easily turn 360 degrees to face the homeowners whether they are at the living room or the dining area.

As the TV cabinet is the focal point of both living and dining areas, the materials used were of high quality. Dark wood with white carvings gave both spaces the touch of luxury and elegance that is commonly seen in modern themed apartments. By adding tinted mirrors towards the side of the room, the area doubled in size.

Even the kitchen looks like it was designed for an A-List star. The black and white color scheme blended well with the steel and glass kitchenware. Everything just look perfectly sleek that one would actually feel guilty messing up the area.

The white cabinets provided the structure and added depth to the kitchen. By using the L-shaped concept, space was freed up and there is more room to move around as freely as possible when cooking.

A modern bedroom almost always is made up of different shades of wood and ceiling to wall cabinets for the modish appeal. Most bedrooms that are designed using the modern theme are devoid of too much furnishings so that the rich vibe is instantly felt.

Use of dark curtains are almost always associated with hotels, and this room pretty much looks the same. The headboard may seem simple, but because it mingled well with th dark wood, the whole design became fluid and normal to the eye.

The bathroom tiles may look very simple, even straightforward, but it helped create the modern feel and vibe to the space. It made the wooden cabinet and illuminated sink look stylish, even cozy and warm.