Creative HDB Flat You Rarely See In Singapore

vegas interior creative entry

Creative HDB Flat You Rarely See In Singapore

When you have the green light to play with creative elements for the interiors you can bet a lot of exciting things can happen. This modern home gets an urban and industrial touch, and the results are stunning.

One big part of the apartment was ingeniously divided into four sections that seamlessly connect to each other. The living room, dining room, study area, and the lounge area. All spaces connect to each other without the awkwardness that it was easy to identify which one is which.

vegas interior creative entry

vegas interior creative study room

vegas interior creative study room 1

The study area is minimalistic in concept and look. The furnishings are limited to two chairs and a table, both of which are stylish enough to make the space look modern and trendy. The corner window can turn into a reading nook with the sofa added there.

vegas interior creative storage cabinet telephone cabine

The shoe cabinet is unique and cute as the designer used an old London-style telephone booth as the cabinet. The walls are painted with a street lamp and the furnishings very hip.

vegas interior creative master bedroom

The partition in the bedroom has given the room the illusion of space. This is common in Singaporean flats to make rooms look bigger. The walk-in closet is modern and urban in appeal as it is placed in one corner of the room without the feeling of a cramped area.

vegas interior creative master bathroom

The bathroom has a modern and urban appeal to it as well. The walls are basic even the bathroom fixtures. The large mirror doubled the space and the wooden cabinets made the bathroom look chic and stylish despite it being basic and straightforward.

vegas interior creative living area

The living and dining area exhibit the modern and urban vibe of the apartment with the decors used by the designer. The owner’s bike becomes part of the decor as it hangs on a pipe. The unconventional lighting that reflects on the white walls make the room brighter and even more trendy-looking. The shelf with toys becomes a quirky addition that brings character to the space.

vegas interior creative kitchen

The kitchen looks like one big open space the way the designer placed the work area to the side. The wooden cabinets blended perfectly with the white brick walls that gave the room its texture.

vegas interior creative kitchen 1

The glass panel that serves as the partition of the kitchen is made cuter with stickers of an old computer game. The lighting at the center of the ceiling illuminates the whole room, making it easier to prepare meals.

vegas interior creative bathroom

The bathroom is given a 3D effect with the brick walls at one side. The big black pipe adds the dose of urban flavor while the wooden platform makes the bathroom look modern and unpolished at the same time.