HDB Executive Design @ Blk 149 Tampines

HDB Executive Design @ Blk 149 Tampines

Sophisticated, exquisite, polished and refined, all of those are adjectives that best describe the interior design style of the apartment. What is essentially a contemporary design, has been additionally refined with the addition of some precious and luxurious elements.

The kitchen and the dining room are definitely one of the best parts of the environment. Even though the kitchen features wooden elements, and a washing machine, it has been perfectly implemented into the contemporary environment.

As for those precious elements, they are all around the apartment in different forms and shapes.

Entering the bedroom, you are in for a full display of the designer’s talent to implement and mix different colors. Contemporary and modern designed bedrooms are usually in two colors, and designers strive for a contrast like black and white, gray and white. Here, however, the designer perfectly implements the red color to the environment. Being that red is a color of passion, it fits ideally in small doses.