HDB Elegant Interior By Mixing With Wood And Mirror

HDB Elegant Interior By Mixing With Wood And Mirror

Mixing and matching is one of the best approaches a designer can take to make an environment visually appealing, interesting and inviting. In most cases, when you think of mix and match, you think of different texture, materials and motives.

Starting from the living room, the designer mixes lighter and darker shades of natural wood. And to top it, the tiles on the floor are bright, reflective, and very easily blend into the environment of the area.

The study room is an example of mixing natural and artificial materials. Natural wood has been used for the shelves, but the floor execution is done with laminate, an artificial form of wood.

Every piece in the room has been carefully designed and placed to fit with the natural, wooden outlook and colour palette. The designer shows how one material can be used in different solutions, and how to mix them.

The master bedroom is designed in minimalistic style, and most of the elements are hidden. That goes for the wardrobe as well. But what makes the room elegant and classy is the mirror next to the bed and between the wardrobe.