HDB DBSS Scandinavian 4-Room At Trevelis Clementi

HDB DBSS Scandinavian 4-Room At Trevelis Clementi

What is in reality small apartment, has been turned into very compact, cozy and comfortable environment for living. How the designer has managed to pull it off?

Well, for starters, the designer takes full advantage of the height of the apartment. We see floating pictures in the living room, floor to ceiling cabinet in the hallway/dining room, floor to ceiling wardrobes in the children room and in the bedroom as well.

When you operate with little space, it is crucial that you use the potential of the height.

Such is the case here. Built in corners, and multifunctional furniture is another aspect. The example is the working corner / office desk in the hallway. There is no chair there, but one can always borrow a chair from the dining table.

The nursery, children room is done in a very stylish and fashionable way. In many cases, parents opt for “crowded” with toys and decorations nursery. Here, we see how a simple, elegant room can be decorated in a stylish and minimalistic way.