HDB DBSS @ Parkland Residences

HDB DBSS @ Parkland Residences

In a true Asian spirit, the designer focuses on decorating the interior as minimalistic as possible. In the same time, sticking to the traditional culture, the designer adds and integrates few authentic elements that evoke the spirit of Asia, and make the apartment feel like a home.

While there aren’t many elements, the ones that are there are sufficient to achieve the outlook.

The interior style is mostly minimalistic, with some touches of contemporary design. The apartment is designed with clean, straight lines, with strict rules and little experimentation.

The addition of wood and other nature elements are borrowed from the Scandinavian style, an approach that strives to bring nature closer to the people. This way, individuals appreciate nature and its livings more.

Another moment that you might notice are the several “hidden” light sources, that are put to reflect and enhance the lightness of the room. With several windows and white colors, you are bound for a lot of light. However, even then the home could use an extra source or two.