HDB Cozy Home of Fandi Ahmad

HDB Cozy Home of Fandi Ahmad

The classic black and white combination has been used for the décor of the living room and the dining room, but in a different style. White, in this case, has been replaced with creamy white, more pastel like white color, and we must say, the result is excellent.

The creamy white works better when used in spaces that lack huge amount of natural light. The living room doesn’t feature floor to ceiling windows and doors, which reduces the amount of natural light that flows into the apartment. In this case, the cream color is more suitable.

The cream white also works wonderfully since it complements the other colors in the rooms better. Cappuccino, light brown, and other shades of brown work better with the creamy white.

One idea that clearly shows the talent, creativity and innovation of the design is the bed on roofs. But instead of leaving the space blank, the designer has used the space between the beds to built in a section for trophies, sculptures and other objects of admiration.