HDB Contemporary Theme @ Riverparc EC

HDB Contemporary Theme @ Riverparc EC

Feel amazed by these HDB apartment design ideas using contemporary theme? Featured here is a spacious apartment with open floor plan. The living area is designed using different shades of grey and white.

Large glass windows bring in plenty of natural light effortlessly. Extra large grey sectional sofa with matching shag rug covers most of the space in living area. On the opposite side TV is mounted on a wall marked with two black stripes.

The entertainment wall extends to the cabinets and display units in the dining area. Decorative accessories displayed in the dining area are unique in shape and smooth in finish. Accent lighting above the top shelf illuminates the display.

Distinctively shaped pendant lights above the dining table create quite a visual. Dining table and chairs are also designed in light shade of grey. Study rooms featured here are designed using natural material of wood.

Gorgeous fabrics used in rugs and window treatments create cozy atmosphere. Airiness from the windows and proper lighting creates relaxed interiors.