HDB Contemporary Theme @ Blk 268 Punggol Field

HDB Contemporary Theme @ Blk 268 Punggol Field

The entry way with shoe cabinet

It is all about the space looking empty and clean, but interesting, playful and vivid in the same time. Nobody wants a dull and boring interior.

The entry way offers the space all of us lung for, but in the same time gives the space a nice artistic touch. A lighting hidden within the shoe cabinet is something we rarely see, but it sure does feels nice. An excellent contrast is achieved with the color of the doors and the white walls.

A built in wardrobe is always a nice option, and with the added benefit of glass/mirrored doors, it is even better. You save storage, and create the illusion of more spacious space in the same time. Every time you have the chance to get a piece of furniture that serves two purposes, you go for it.

The study room is where the richness of the colors and the playfulness of the designer reach its apex. The color combination is wonderful, bright, encouraging and provocative, all in the same time.

The built-in wardrobe

The studyroom concept

How we turned concept into reality – The studyroom