HDB Contemporary Ideas @ Blk 280 Yishun Ave 6

HDB Contemporary Ideas @ Blk 280 Yishun Ave 6

Clean and elegant, this apartment is not one to sweep you off from your feet, but will provide a calm and relaxing environment.

The space is not crowded with elements and decorations. Instead, the simplicity and the cleanness are what make it appealing. While for some it might look boring and dull, others will find its neatness refreshing.

It is important to note that minimalism is one of the top trends in the last few years, and this apartment succeeds in every aspect of it.

Just so everything isn’t common and boring, the designer has used different contrast ideas, such as grey versus white and brown versus white to add some character to the space.

And while one might think there are not enough elements, once you settle, you’ll notice that the most necessary elements are in place.