HDB Contemporary Design @ Punggol Drive

HDB Contemporary Design @ Punggol Drive

A classic contemporary designed space, the apartment welcomes visitors in their fairytale. The apartment has all the elements that contemporary style brings.

The apartment is bright, with lots of natural light, artificial light sources, and white color to reflect all the light and enhance the feeling.

The apartment also takes some notes from the Scandinavian type design, namely the nature elements. The designer has used wood all across the apartment, helping bridge people with the nature, which is the essential goal of Scandinavian design.

Even the contrast of the colors in the apartment is done in the light style. Instead of the classic black and white, the designer uses white and light brown. While it might seem that white and brown are not contrary colors, the result is ideal in this case.

The biggest talent and most impressive skill of the designer is to introduce elements from different styles, but do so in a subtle way. The general design style is contemporary, but as with the Scandinavian style, the designer also introduces some artistic elements. This is not your average art deco, instead, the art pictures are done in a contemporary way to complement the general style.