As an interior designer, I’m always on the lookout for homes that are simply exceptional, and yet to describe this HDB contemporary design home as exceptional will be to do it an incredible injustice.

This home’s design combines the best of a beautiful design and architectural practicality to give it a welcoming aura.

The design is the kind that draws you in, makes you comfortable and without uttering single word, tells you, “Welcome home.”

The home’s practicality lies in the way it utilised its natural light. Majority of the home receives its natural light from a large window which gives it ample lighting.

Its natural lighting is further subtly complemented using strategically positioned light fixtures that do not draw too much attention to themselves, even the chandelier above the dining table adds magic to the room without really demanding attention, which is a beauty in itself.

The home’s design makes use of a mixture of white, cream, beige and light brown colours on its walls to give it an inviting atmosphere. The furnitures and fixtures complement the colours to give it a contemporary look.

A clever trick of using mirrors is to make the home look a little bigger and spacious. This home’s contemporary design is not only practical, but is beautiful in the manner that it makes one feel completely at home.