HDB BTO Scandinavian Design At Blk 91 SkyTerrace Dawson

HDB BTO Scandinavian Design At Blk 91 SkyTerrace Dawson

One way you can make an apartment truly feel like home is to create relaxing, comfortable, neutral and cozy atmosphere. 

That is exactly what the designer has done in this case, using white as a neutral background, and enriching it with different wood grains through carpentry.

The concept is best visible in the living area, where different wood grains have been tenuously added via shelves on the TV feature wall, doors and the armrest on the stairs.

The shoes cabinet is another stunning carpentry gem. Simple, elegant lines make the cabinet extremely visually appealing and calming in the same time, and a small display niche adds versatility for the outlook.

For the master bedroom, the designer uses an unconventional approach, integrating the bed and nightstands into the room’s main wardrobe. But the reality is that the designer probably had no other options where to place the wardrobe, seeing the layout of the room. Simply put, the maximum potential has been exhausted.