HDB BTO Scandinavian At Waterway Woodcress

HDB BTO Scandinavian At Waterway Woodcress

Mixing different design themes for one home, can actually work and it can even look better than having to stick to just one design. This HDB flat is a good example of such an idea. The living and dining areas are very reminiscent of the minimalist Scandinavian design. Clean, pristine,neutral color scheme with a slight mingling of wood. This is the beauty of the Scandinavian theme.

The living area is both simple and elegant at the same time. The careful choice of materials and colors mix well together to achieve the desired effect. Theater lighting creates a cozy mood in the area and the soft couch makes one want to lounge around the whole day. A feature wall  where the TV is attached adds a classy touch to the space.

The living area and the dining area are designed in a modern, Scandinavian style. The spacious interior is decked with marble tiles, wood and neutral colors that adhere to the Scandinavian principles. Everything is simple yet exudes an aura of sophistication suited for a person with refined taste.

The kitchen transitions from modern Scandinavian to modern Western. The kitchen appliances alone make one feel like he or she is living in a Western apartment. Like most kitchens designed, this one is narrow yet one is able to move around easily to cook. The streamlined look of the cabinets and the shelves help in creating a more organized  look in this room.

Even the bedroom is done in a luxurious way, much more like a Western style bedroom. Rich chocolate brown furnishings fuse well with the dark wood interiors. It has a very masculine appeal  because of it’s sharp edges and straightforward design. The wardrobe with glass doors looks like it came from a Hollywood movie, and everything else in the bedroom is just but elegant.

A typical Scandinavian room would look bare and devoid of any color. The bedroom however has shifted into a more Western approach. The bed in itself is propped on the floor and dark wood can be seen everywhere. The wood where the TV is attached is made to appear longer bigger because of the side shelf. A single lamp illuminates the whole space.

The bathroom takes a Western approach as well. The use of black and gray marble tiles give the effect of elegance that matches with the rest of the flat. The bathroom rug makes the space softer in appeal.