HDB BTO @ ParcVista Punggol

HDB BTO @ ParcVista Punggol

Black and white is the little black dress of modern and contemporary interior design style. You can never go wrong. The only thing to watch is not to make it boring and dull. Enter cream shades and colors, and unusual objects.

The living room ticks all the right boxes. Elegant? Check! Classy? Check! Looks like it came from a movie? Check!

The dining room continues that special, unordinary feeling. We rarely see a bench combined with chairs and a dining table, but in this case, it just works.

Enter the bedroom, and you are in a whole new world. Going from black and white, you enter a room with colors. Vivid, playful, and a color combination not often seen in design. Brown, combined with all yellow, orange, and ochreous – simply beautiful.

You can say the kitchen is an apartment within the apartment. Large, spacious kitchen, with a table for chit chat, makes cooking that more enjoyable experience.