HDB BTO Modern Contemporary At Blk 477A Upper Serangoon View

HDB BTO Modern Contemporary At Blk 477A Upper Serangoon View

From the moment you enter the apartment, you get the feeling you are into a spa salon, where everything is in line for your convenience, comfort and enjoyment.

The living area is small on first glance, but the designer has made the most out of it. One way that the designer has managed to separate the living area into two separate rooms is the ceiling.

Note how the living room is framed by the sky effect and the TV feature wall. Another underrated aspect is the drapery.

By placing drapes, the designer has allowed home owners to still maximize their use of natural light, but add some privacy and not be exposed to the world.

Glass dining table fits just in line with the theme of the apartment, which is simple, yet elegant. In the same time, it adds a touch of flow to the area, as both the coffee and the dining table are glass made.

The kitchen is a room where the designer really excels in placing and fitting everything together. Once you look at the kitchen, it looks more like a LEGO made kitchen, with some elements bigger than others in order to fit the fridge, for example.

The MDF high gloss finishing fits nicely with the tiles on the wall and the simple wooden counter top. A black line on the countertop adds dramatic feeling.