HDB BTO Design Ideas @ Punggol

HDB BTO Design Ideas @ Punggol

A modern, contemporary apartment best suited for a young dynamic couple. While there is not much space to work with, you get everything that you need thanks to several clever alternations, multifunctional sets and smart usage of the space.

Located aloft in the skyscraper, the apartment provides a great view of the surroundings. The apartment is rather small, but you don’t get that feeling thanks to the clever use of glass all around the interior.

However, the bedroom is big. With a king sized bed and not many objects into the bedroom, you can enjoy and relax in your safe environment. Just a few decorations in the bedroom, such as the flower paintings and the ceramic tree add a touch of style and fashion.

And we are certain women will love the little powder/make-up room next to the bedroom. There is no more need to go the bathroom to remove make-up and prepare for a cocktail party. Everything is in one place, with the wardrobe close, women can prepare themselves faster.