HDB BTO 5-Room Scandindustrial At Blk 662D Waterway Sundew

HDB BTO 5-Room Scandindustrial At Blk 662D Waterway Sundew

Using light for interior decor can be both exciting and challenging in the sense that the interior decor industry offers a lot of designs to fit your needs but you need to know how to use the different designs available to suit your needs.

Further, different rooms have different lighting needs depending on functionality. The idea is to choose lights that offer versatility, and yet can be adjusted to meet your changing needs. This is why interior designers highly recommend track lights because they come in different lengths and have different headlights depending on your personality.

Track lights use the scandindustrial concept in that they are flexible enough to bring illumination to a focal point or to other extended spaces thus helping to avoid extra light fixtures.This article shows you how to bring a scandindustrial concept into your space by incorporating the ‘right’ amount of light and transform a room into a cozy and inviting space by incorporating track lights.

1. Highlight focal point

In this picture, track lighting installed in one corner with the right amount of light length highlights the rooms focal point while keeping the room illuminated and feeling warm and inviting bringing all the detail in a coordinated and inviting way. It gives the room an industrial look but also calm and warmth.

2. Use hidden track lights for the ‘right’ amount of light

Track lights installed in different areas of a room as in the picture below brings in the right amount of light into a room. Notice that if the overhead track lights where switched on, the room would look big. But the wall lights make it look toned down and inviting.

3. Illuminate working area. In this case the focal point is the dining area. Track lights have been used to illuminate the dining area of the room and avoiding unnecessary lighting on other areas.

4. Multitasking with track lights

Track lights can be installed at the center of a space to light different spaces at the same time. For instance, the home owner has chosen one big track light with a big headlight to provide the required illumination in their high ceiling,industrial style kitchen and nearby rooms. He uses small track lights in the counter to provide light on the working space in case he does not need to light the whole kitchen.

5. Use mirrors to minimize fixtures

Mirrors are a famous interior decor tool because of their ability to reflect light to dark places. Carefully used, mirrors can cut the cost of installing fixtures in spaces that are next to a busy room that always uses light. In the picture below, corridor lighting is reflected by the mirror in this wash room to provide enough light without having to use extra light fixtures for the washroom.

This way, the rooms share light by the careful use of the mirror.(picture 5). In arrears that require minimal lighting the use of recessed track lights helps to minimize light when not needed while overhead track lights will give your room full illumination when you need it.