On first glance, the Scandinavian style is not one you could mix and match with industrial design. But for those who think outside of the box, the result can be a stunning and unique environment.

Scandinavian preaches natural elements, such as wood, while industrial preaches metallic and metal finishing. But what people fail to see is that wood and metal look very stylish when put in the same environment.

The living room is a great example not just for how the styles match, but also how you can divide one room into two smaller, and still have feeling of a spacious space.

The designer has placed a faux wall, which doesn’t completely separate the living area from the room for relaxation.

The bathroom is arguably the most interesting room, as the designer has mixed and matched almost every material in there. Different tiles are one thing, but usually people stick to maximum of two different designs.

Here, we get three different designs that are matched in an ideal world.