HDB BTO 4-Room @ Yishun Greenwalk Blk 316C

HDB BTO 4-Room @ Yishun Greenwalk Blk 316C

Using turquoise as main wall color in this 4-room HDB BTO home, the living area’s many shades, hues and tones combine to paint a world of joyousness and glee.

Gorgeous kitchen cabinets combining white and turquoise, with turquoise glass backsplash.

Do you know what is the benefit of having kitchen backsplash? It more durable and it can be scrubbed of grease and cooking splatters more easily. It can also protect moisture from soaking through. Finally, adding backsplash can make a dramatic aesthetic impact!

Top hung shelving and cabinets, complete with sliding full height wardrobe and customized bed with lower and side storage! The raw surface finishing gives the room a modern industrial look!

Keeping the bedrooms neat, simple and elegant with full height sliding wardrobes.