HDB BTO 4-Room With Platform Bed

HDB BTO 4-Room With Platform Bed

This bedroom is all about the comfort. It’s an intimate space, but offers subtle privacy with two separate beds. The beds sit on a slightly elevated built-in platform on the floor. A plush white rug, covering the entire platform, adds a touch of luxury.

The headboard is seamless and flows through the two beds bringing in a cohesive look, even though the beds are separate.

The wall behind the bed is dressed up in patterned wallpaper in a soft apple green colour. Cube shelves in white are perfect to hold some elegant decorative pieces.

Here’s another variation. The same design concept of a raised platform with separate beds is given a different look with stripy and colourful wallpaper. It’s a more playful and fun look. The white cube shelves are a great match here too.

This built-in wardrobe is a generous size offering plenty of storage. It’s all-white with elegant soft green trims. The press-release mechanism on the doors eliminates handles, giving it a modern look.