HDB BTO 4-Room Refreshing Green @ Yishun

HDB BTO 4-Room Refreshing Green @ Yishun

Usually, when homeowners and designers try to implement green color in the interior design, they paint one wall in green or use it on accessories. However, we rarely or almost never see a green ceiling.

However, the effect is obvious. Instead of a “grass” floor, we get the treetop green that serves as the perfect ceiling to the wooden elements in the living room. The Scandinavian style can always welcome some new effects, tricks and designs, and this is one great example.

The Scandinavian design and its principles play a perfect contrast to the modern and contemporary style of the room. In essence, the two styles are very similar and go hand by hand, but when they serve as the contrast to each other, the effect is even better.

Being one with the nature is a theme that spreads through every room. The only thing that changes is the shade of the green color and the color of the wooden furniture.