HDB BTO 4-Room Open House 1st/2nd Nov @ Upper Serangoon Crescent

HDB BTO 4-Room Open House 1st/2nd Nov @ Upper Serangoon Crescent

How can you make a nice, elegant but small living room look extraordinary? Simple. Add some artistic objects and you get a whole new room. You don’t even need much elements, an unusual artificial plant next to the TV is more than enough.

The fan on the ceiling, that serves as lighting element as well (commonly known as ceiling fans), reminds you that this is still a comfortable, friendly room where you can sit, enjoy and relax. The best trick to add some character to a rather dull and boring bedroom is color.

But never over do it. Here, we have an elegant solution for a white/creamy bedroom, where a neon blue color helps bring some life into the room. In the kitchen, some people want space for cooking and some people want space to move around.

The latter will find this kitchen excellent. With a smaller countertop, and all the elements in one line, you get all the space you need to move around. And the white-grey-almost black combination of the floor-elements-wall is an elegant and bold solution for the color scheme.

Join us for our very first open house at Upper Serangoon Crescent on 1st and 2nd November from 10am to 8pm. Limited slots available! RSVP your interest today! Let us know your preferred timing, 81218864.