HDB BTO 4-Room Mirrors Magic At Dawson Road

HDB BTO 4-Room Mirrors Magic At Dawson Road

In modern designs we commonly see the use of mirrors as a way to visually increase the space. However, in most cases, these tricks and usages of mirror and glass are subtle.

In this case, however, we see the mirrors as the main decorating trick and element in the interior design. For starters, in the living area, the designer has placed a whole wall of mirror that reflects the TV. This way, you get the feeling the living area is twice as big.

All in all, glass is a huge aspect of the interior design here. Another big aspect that is also a modern style principle is the illumination, with multiple light sources.

In other rooms, however, the use of mirrors is mostly is kept to subtle ways. Like in the hallway, for example, where the designer has added mirrors to the cabinet doors to reflect the environment.

The use of materials is also very common in latest years, as designers are more and more opting for tiles and marble flooring than the traditional laminate and parquet.