HDB BTO 4-Room Maroon Red Design At Segar Road

HDB BTO 4-Room Maroon Red Design At Segar Road

One of the tricks designers can use in small spaces is a focal wall, and bold colours. We see both tricks in display here.

Red is a bold choice for the TV feature wall, but the color adds character to the boring light and neutral room. And the splash of color makes the room vivid, and tricks the eye into thinking it is a larger space.

In the dining area, we have another example of color bringing life and character, but this time, the choice is purple color.

Texture is another trick designers can employ to add space to a room. Texture add depth, and it is another dimension and approach that is very useful in small spaces.

We can also see how the designer takes full advantage of multi-purpose furniture. The kitchen countertop serves as a bar here, for a quick snack, dinner on the go or lunch. Bar chairs take little space, and they are perfect for this type of setting.