HDB BTO 4-Room Floating Shoe Storage

ax image 01 ShoeCabinet

HDB BTO 4-Room Floating Shoe Storage

The designer has added a beautiful floating shoe storage in this HDB BTO 4-room flat. The addition of just one bold element can completely change the outlook of the apartment. The navy blue paint color works wonders for the interior, as it serves as the perfect background for the light wooden laminate carpentry.

In the living area, as always, the signature element is the TV console and feature wall. We mentioned light laminate carpentry is used for the furniture elements. One aspect that is interesting is how the TV feature wall is combined with the seating area in the bay windows area.

ax image 01 ShoeCabinet

ax image 02 TV Console

The apartment features large living area, and since there is no entry hall, the designer splits the entry way of the apartment from the living area by placing a floor to ceiling shoes cabinet. The upper section of the cabinet is transparent, creating a sense of unity with the living area, but still keeping things separated.

ax image 04 Kitchen Opt1
In the kitchen, the sleek outlook of the apartment comes to full display. Pairing tiles with the finishing of kitchen elements is a great way for achieving dramatic, sleek and elegant outlook.

ax image 05 Kitchen Opt1A
ax image 10 Bedroom2

ax image 08 Master Bedroom
For the master bedroom, the designer uses the same trick with a bold color to draw attention of the eye, while keeping everything else sleek, elegant and simple.

ax image 03 StudyArea
In the study area, it is all about adding extra storage so the room can serve as storage section and study corner as well. A floor to ceiling cabinet might be excessive for most people, but the designer wanted to use the space and leave more open space in other rooms. The move creates perfect balance of storage in all rooms, and makes the study room livelier.

ax image 11 Bathroom B ax image 11 Bathroom A