HDB BTO 4-Room At Blk 90 Dawson SkyTerrace

HDB BTO 4-Room At Blk 90 Dawson SkyTerrace

Sometimes, sticking to simplicity is the best way to go. That doesn’t mean that the apartment cannot feature some unique elements.

In this case, everything aside from the outlook of the living area is simple, yet elegant and beautiful. Starting from the living area, a two small step stair platform leads to it.

Having so much height to work with, the designer could allow himself to experiment, and the result is a royal like entrance to the room.

The designer has also marked the TV feature wall as the element for adding dramatic outlook to the room. An essentially timber made feature wall, it is the black quarts and shining frames from the top and the bottom that make it look stunning.

The designer then takes the same approach and installs in the bedroom as well, where another timber with mat black furnishing piece is waiting. Making the wardrobe in a corner layout saves space in the room.

In the kitchen, an L layout for the main pieces is used, with a separate kitchen island added for food preparation. The move allows freedom of movement, but also adds enough space for preparing the food.