HDB BTO 4-Room 3D Drawings @ Anchorvale

HDB BTO 4-Room 3D Drawings @ Anchorvale

Classy, elegant and sophisticated design, the interior of the apartment resembles a Western Europe space.

It is all about the prestige here, and how one can express its high social status. Even the color is an aristocratic one, and the drapes only complement the feeling.

Several objects and small sculptures are also added to contribute to the feeling of aristocracy, prestige and high social status. And as common, the sculptures are glass made.

But that is all for the living room and the hallway. Once in the kitchen, the goal is to be more practical and functional. The kitchen does look extraordinary, and expensive, but it fits only the most necessary elements.

The bedrooms, both the small one and the large one also strive for practical approach. However, the large bedroom does boast few sculptures under the bed that add to the prestige and the luxury of the home.