Scandinavian design usually implies bright, white and cream colours. But who’s to say that Scandinavian interior cannot survive a splash of colour? This apartment made a twist on its Scandinavian-industrial concept by adding in a pop of colour to make every bit of space look more alive and happy. 

The addition of colour is evident in the furnishings, such as the case in the living room. The walls are gray, but because of the brick partition from the front door and the sky blue sofa, the living area looks better and brighter. In this case, the colour splash is not overwhelming, but it certainly is different than what we are used to see in Scandinavian designs.

The kitchen adheres to a more Scandinavian-industrial theme the moment you enter this space. Rich, neutral tones greet you and the symmetry and flow of the work station and appliances are very much apparent. Even the lighting used is Scandinavian in style so you get a more relaxed and uncluttered feel whenever you are in the kitchen.

The bedroom is also very much  Scandindustrial in concept. The best feature of the bedroom is the accent wall  that has its shelves attached to it, making them look more like decor than they are shelves. The lighting is practical and subdued, helping make the room look cozier.

The walk-in closet looks modern and urban the way it was designed, however, it still adhered to the Scandindustrial concept. The cabinets have maximized the full potential of the space and the big windows provide ample lighting, making it easier to see around the area.