HDB BTO 3-Room Scandinavian Design That Blows Your Mind!

HDB BTO 3-Room Scandinavian Design That Blows Your Mind!

The interior of a home determines the kind of atmosphere that people will experience when they are in the home. In the case of this newly completed HDB BTO 3-room scandinavian flat, it’s all about simplicity and clean designs.

Natural lighting has also been employed with huge sized windows that are definitely the best choice especially with this project. Space has also been used up wisely considering the fact that there is even space for a handy kitchen and walkways to pass from room to room. The completed project definitely has a number of interior design features that makes it one of its own class.

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The materials that were chosen for this particular project were those which are easy to find such as the washed out brick wall. There is also a great balance of color, shades and object placement for the best overall result.

Lights attached to the ceiling provide all the light needed at night thus making the place sleek and clearly attractive regardless of who comes visiting. In addition to the lights, the colors have also be quite keenly balanced to create a coloring effect that seems to drink colors and make them kind of fade away when there is light.

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Lighting and colors have also been appropriately placed for the best effect. The large curtained windows let in plenty of fresh air and light which makes the place look much more spacious and airier.

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This is definitely something that most interior designers take keen note of before starting off on any new project as light can be used to create all kinds of tricks and special effects that will definitely prove beneficial in terms of your interior aesthetics and the neatness of the home.

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Last but not least, the interior design project took into consideration the matching and balancing of lights, shadows and colors for the best overall effect that will create a habitable atmosphere for all who come visiting. You will definitely love sleeping in such a beautiful home over the course of a weekend as you take in the beauty and splendour of the project.