HDB BTO 3-Room Scandinavian Concept At Blk 87 Dawson Road

HDB BTO 3-Room Scandinavian Concept At Blk 87 Dawson Road

The best thing about this apartment is the illumination. In what is rather dark environment due to the limited amount of natural light sources, the designer adds subtle and hidden illumination sources to brighten up the room.

For example, in the living area, the designer adds illumination sources in the ceiling, just over the cabinet, as well as in the display niche.


In the living area, the designer has placed two colorful and stylish rugs to add character. While one is black and white, it still is dramatic and interesting enough to breathe some life in a neutral background.

The interesting setting of the living room looks a lot like LEGO boxes. The cabinet is the best and most interesting part with low, medium and high parts. The whole cabinet goes from floor to the ceiling, but there are brakes and edges here and there.

The Scandinavian aspect of the design is more visible in other rooms than in the living room. The kitchen is the best example due to its laminate like finishing of the furniture elements.

In the bedroom, the designer adds two unique twists. The first one is the platform bed with illumination underneath it. The second, however, is a piece of the Japanese style playbook. The sliding doors for the walk in wardrobe are subtle, just as they need to be.