No matter your preference and style, one of these bedrooms is suited for you. The three different designs offer something unique for each style and taste.

The first bedroom is done in a modern style, with neutral colors where you can always add a splash of color using pillows and beddings. The room is sophisticated, and the crystal chandelier certainly adds a ton of style.

With all those wine bottles and sculptures in the built in shelves, the room is something of a combination between a living room and a bedroom.

The second bedroom is more suited for rooms that lack space, as the custom built in wardrobe adds a ton of storage. The wardrobe also features shelves that are on display, where you can put your stylish accessories like bags.

A TV adds a sometimes wanted entertainment element.

The last bedroom looks like an optical illusion. The custom headboard gives the illusion that there is something behind it and with the mirror next to the bed, you certainly feel tricked.

A beautiful art picture adds the style element. But what is most appealing is how the designer has managed to put a floor to ceiling mirror in the room.