HDB 5-Room Scandinavian At Blk 487C Choa Chu Kang

HDB 5-Room Scandinavian At Blk 487C Choa Chu Kang

The Scandinavian style is a huge trend in the interior design in the last years. But as with every style, the Scandinavian evolves towards perfection more and more. For example, few years ago, using wooden materials in the interior was enough to achieve the style.

Nowadays, the designers strive more and more, the finishing of the wooden furniture, as well as flooring and doors to look as authentic as possible and close to the natural look of wood and plants in the wild.

The designer tries to add as much wood to the interior as possible, but in the same time, keep it minimal and do not choke and overwhelm the environment.

A perfect example is the door that separates the hallway from the kitchen. The door is glass made and transparent to make the environment look spacious, but the designer has added wooden frames to look more stylish.

Another great example of evolution and adjustment is the bedroom. The designer shows how Scandinavian style can use some tricks from different styles, and the sliding doors between the bedroom and the office room are great example.