HDB 5-Room Resale Modern Home At $60k Bukit Panjang

HDB 5-Room Resale Modern Home At $60k Bukit Panjang

Without a doubt, just by taking one look at this home, there is a feeling of luxury and elegance that one can automatically get. The high ceiling, the refined taste in furnishings and decors and the way space was maximized can get any person to fall in love instantly with this home. The living room alone will leave one in awe and even mesmerized.

The dining area is allotted a very small space, however, because of the mirrors, the area doubled almost immediately. The use of white tiles for the flooring and white ceiling helped in creating more depth for the whole home not just in the dining area.The white, decorative partition between the dining area and the door creates the impression that there is a lot of space wherever you are in this modern home.

The designer smartly made a half-wall partition between the living room and the work and study area. By doing so, the illusion of depth and the impression of space are created. The use of dark, brown tones to complement the white floor is great because it adds more character to the whole space. The framed windows and the sofa added the much needed texture to this 5-room HDB home.

The kitchen is spectacular and definitely a joy to be in. The lighting, the wood cabinets, the white color scheme all blended perfectly with each other that it just turned the room into a very beautiful space. The use of a black mirror was ingenious because the reflection helped in creating more depth to the whole space. What made the kitchen pop out is the lighting and how it complemented well with the whole look and feel of this area.

The bedroom will leave any person mesmerized. Taking aside the wooden door and the cabinets, the whole room is pristine white. With just the right amount of lights, it was easy to achieve the feeling of space in this room. The scarcity of furnishings and decor apart from the bed helped achieve the feeling of sophistication which the designer wanted to come out.

By adding a cabinet to store the musical instruments, the designer was able to maximize the full potential of the space. The designer was able to make the color scheme and the lighting work well together to achieve a modern and sophisticated vibe for the overall design concept of this lovely home.