HDB 4A – Design Ideas @ Blk 523 Tampines Central

HDB 4A – Design Ideas @ Blk 523 Tampines Central

The Living Room

The more light, the better. It is an old classic rule, and in this case, it is applied to the maximum.

The living room is already light enough due to the white color of the walls, and the light wooden shade, but the designer has added additional light with spotlights. Another rule that works perfectly is the “less is more”. Everything looks clean, neat and elegant.

The bedroom is another example of the less is more manta. One risk that is always overlooked when striving for minimalism is the potential for the room to be dull and boring. This is where accessories such as books and little vases come in play. The bedroom feels even more spacious than it is thanks to the mirror on the wardrobe.

Hallway kitchens are the new standard for modern homes, and it is performed to perfection in this case. The nearly symmetrical kitchen provides storage options on both sides, giving the one who spends time in the kitchen maximum flexibility.

The bedroom

The kitchen