HDB 4-Room With White Walls And Light Teak Wood

HDB 4-Room With White Walls And Light Teak Wood

In this HDB 4-room flat, we see how wood as a material can be used as a contrast. Starting from the living room with tiles flooring, the room is rich with multiple wooden elements.

But the most significant s the TV feature wall, done with wood and glass. The color of the wood and the texture serves as a perfect contrast to the smooth tiles floor.

Wood is not the only way the designer brings texture into the environment. Wallpapers also play a huge role in adding texture and visual elements to the interior. We see this in the room with the shoe cabinet, and in the bedroom as well.

In the bedroom, the wallpaper is synced with the room in a special way. The wall behind the bed is made out of wood, and the wallpaper going out of the wood looks like wooden trees.

As mentioned previously, wood is the approach the designer takes for adding contrast. But wood can also compliment the other parts of the room. This trick is used in the kitchen.

The gray tiles flooring is complement by the gray wooden finish of the kitchen elements. And to top it all, the marble kitchen top provides a breath of life in the gray environment.